Heterodimeric Insecticidal Peptide Provides New Insights into the Molecular and Functional Diversity of Ant Venoms

Tracking the Origin and Evolution of Plant Metabolites

Disentangling the assembly mechanisms of ant cuticular bacterial communities of two Amazonian ant species sharing a common arboreal nest

Postdoctoral position in plant transcriptomics

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Biosynthetic investigation of γ-lactones in Sextonia rubra wood using in situTOF-SIMS MS:MS imaging to localize and characterize biosynthetic intermediates

Tandem Mass Spectrometry Imaging and in Situ Characterization of Bioactive Wood Metabolites in Amazonian Tree Species Sextonia rubra

Tandem biocatalysis unlocks the challenging de novo production of plant natural products

Antiplasmodial activities of dyes against Plasmodium falciparum asexual and sexual stages- Contrasted uptakes of triarylmethanes Brilliant green, Green S (E142), and Patent Blue V (E131) by erythrocytes

Comparative analysis of DNA extraction methods to study the body surface microbiota of insects: A case study with ant cuticular bacteria