Hi there! Welcome to my research website.

I am a faculty member of the chemistry department at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research, http://www.cnrs.fr/en) and I work in the research unit EcoFoG (Ecology of French Guiana Forests, https://www.ecofog.gf/) located in French Guiana (France).

After graduating in organic chemist I shifted my research program to interdisciplinary chemistry (short CV). I am deeply interested in organismal chemistry, which is the study of the diversity of metabolites (small molecules) and enzymes produced by various organisms (plants, insects, fungi, microbes) at different phylogenetic scales. In particular I study how organismal bio-chemical diversity is correlated with phylogenetic and ecological factors in the context of convergent and divergent evolution. My favorite topics are: (1) ant-microbe symbiosis, and (2) latex plant evolution.

See more details of my work on the research page, or Google Scholar page or ORCID page, and feel free to contact me for any questions on the contact page.

One objective of my research is to study biosynthetic pathways in the context of evolutionary biology to understand the bio-chemical evolution of organisms. To achieve this goal it is necessary to combine different methods in:

  • analytical and structural chemistry (NMR 1D/2D, HR-MAS NMR, TOF-SIMS imaging, MS/MS molecular networking, metabolomics)
  • genomics (amplicon sequencing, metagenome mining, transcriptomics)
  • evolutionary biology (comparative phylogenetic methods)
IMG_6557 copie 3
Pseudomyrmex penetrator colonies nest inside the twigs of myrmecophyte plant of the genus Tachigaly. © C. Birer
Corrie and Christophe sorting ants collected during the day at the CNRS Nouragues field station. © P. Flynn
Christophe and Yannick collecting latex on trees at the Cirard Paracou research station. © C. Baraloto

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My research covers the following fields of science : Natural Products ChemistryAnalytical ChemistryMolecular EcologyBiosynthesis  Chemical Ecology Chemical Evolution Organismal Chemistry

My main research interests are : Latex Plant Evolution – Ant/Microbe Symbiosis

I like all chemical families including Alkaloids Nonribosomal Peptides Polyketides Polyphenols Terpenoids and the Biosynthetic Gene Clusters  that produce these metabolites